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Don contacted me recently on his acquisition of a new M-677 to the FC world (The 57th M-677 in the Registry) and also that his other M-677 (#9327-10383) was going up for sale. 

Here's a little history on the new truck from Don...
"The guy I bought the new M677 from bought it in 1973. It was sitting on the lot at AA Military Surplus in Fayetteville, NC , which is 20 minutes from Fort Bragg. They had 4 or 5 sitting on the lot together. He paid $2,500 for it, which strikes me as a lot since my dad bought a brand new pickup for $2700 in 1973. Comparatively, the M677 was almost 10 years old, only had three cylinders, and a top speed considerably lower than the 70 mph speed limit.

As the story goes, an over-the-road trucker was the first to express interest in this truck. He had AA paint the FC blue and white to match his semi. I can only presume that he drove a COE, which would have made a duo of big and small snub-nosed trucks. One thing I can say is that painting the inside of the camper shell white is great for making it easy to see in the cargo area. The truck driver never came back to claim his custom –painted FC. He hadn’t been seen for six months, so AA let the eventual buyer of my truck pick which ever one he wanted. He picked the blue truck over the other olive drab units on the lot. He then drove the FC to Florida and later to Cleveland. He seemed to cover a lot of ground, though the truck still only has 15,000 miles on it. He always wanted more performance out of the truck. He blew the engine up twice. He bought a Hostess bread truck to put the Cummins 4bt in the M677. After driving the bread truck all the way home from Chicago and using it around town, he decided to keep the bread truck and part with the M677. Lucky for me!"

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