Sergio Modigliani 1958 FC-150
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This 1958 FC-150 (Serial #65548-12460) is all original and was purchased it in June, 2004. It is now located on the island of Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts. Sergio spent half the summer of 2004 working over the mechanicals (engine, brakes, tranny, transfer case, new exhaust system, etc.) as well as power wire cleaning and painting the frame.  Floor pans, glass replacement and body work (especially cab corners) is expected to start shortly (February), and finally painting to be completed by Memorial Day, 2005.  It now has 6,054 original miles. It is intended as a daily driver. When Sergio got it and checked it out with Mark, he reported that the original owner had used it only for snow plowing and apparently he used low range first and reverse exclusively.  After 45-some years, it would not go into any other gears!  However, a little grease and tweaking in the linkages restored all the gearbox/transfer case functions!

(March 2005 Picture)