AT&T FC-170 Service Truck
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Rugged Terrain Calls For FC-170 4-WD For Telephone Line Service

'Jeep' vehicles ruggedness and four-wheel drive go-anywhere ability are practically a necessity in some of the almost impassable stretches of terrain through the northern end of the Papago Indian Reservation in Southern Arizona.
The American Telephone and Telegraph Company with district offices in Phoenix and branch offices in Casa Grande, has the problem of patrolling and maintaining the communication lines in that area.
Recently the company purchased an FC-170 for the job from Ray Korte, 'Jeep' distributor in Phoenix.  The unit is one of many 'Jeep' vehicles used by the company throughout the country.  Special equipment includes a front mounted winch, front and rear Powr-Lok axles, oversize, eight-ply tires, Warn Automatic Hubs, and a mobile telephone.
In the large enclosed rear compartment there is room for service equipment for almost any requirement of construction or repair.
Mr. Ray Giles, who operates the maintenance vehicle out of Casa Grande, is very enthusiastic about his new Forward Control 'Jeep'.