Benchmark Observations
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Well, with any great restoration you need to have a base point to start from and chronicle your progress.  In this case it is also the place where a vision was put on hold for an extended period of time only to be reignited some 45 years later and a manís dream finally realized.  If you havenít read the article published by the AACA on the Lafian Power Hoe, stop what youíre doing and check it out now.  Itís an awesome read and Iím sure youíll come away yearning to know more about this one of a kind truck.  Weíll start with a look at the condition of the power Hoe after its long rest and some of the steps to get it back on the road.

The Lafian Power Hoe Story
by James Carr & John O. M. Lafian
(Published by the AACA)

Original Pictures

First Glances

Awaking the Dream

It's Alive!

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