Big Texas Ranch Requires FC-170 DRW
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    The treacherous sandy range land around Encinal, Texas, in the San Antonio section, made Dan Sanchez of the Cerrito Prieto Cattle Company of Encinal realize that he needed something more than an ordinary, two-wheel drive cattle truck.  He had heard about Turbiville ‘Jeep’ in San Antonio from the daily farm and ranch news broadcast which they sponsor.  He had seen ‘Jeep’ on the weekly “Maverick” television shows making easy work of some tough hauling jobs that were actually almost identical to the  work that had to be done on the ranch.  He had seen and read about the big heavy duty FC-170 ‘Jeep’ Truck in direct mail literature.  It took one call and a demonstration drive to show him that this unit was the answer to his requirements.
    The stake body bed is 132 ˝ inches long and 95 inches wide.  Side racks are four feet high with an additional two foot extension.  The lower rack is used when hauling calves, the extensions when transporting their prize bulls and registered cattle.  The dual wheel FC-170 provides plenty of traction for even the toughest off-the-road assignments on the ranch.  It goes through the deep sand areas with ease where conventional trucks would bog down and bury themselves before they went fifty feet.  Up front visibility is another feature that Mr. Sanchez likes about his new FC-170.  It is mighty important in negotiating some of the rock-strewn terrain and the underbrush areas that are part of a Texas ranch truck’s daily travel agenda.