Dan DeVries 1964 M-677
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Today, with the ever-growing popularity of the M-677 'Jeep' most restorations involve transplants of modern drivetrain components to make the vehicle more suitable for today's highways.  Although this makes the vehicle more "Road-worthy" the originality of the truck is lost.  Despite all of the 677's short comings for today's roadways I feel there is nothing better than to see a truck restored back to its factory fresh state.  And I donít know of a better example to point to than right here.  When Dan DeVries bought his 1964 M-677 it was in pretty rough shape and he transformed it to the beautiful truck you see right here.  Follow the links below to see the path Dan chose to take in the restoration of this ultra-rare piece of Jeep history. 


The Original Find

The Bodywork

The Finished Product

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