Diener Motors 'Jeep' Wreckers
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There was a little talk about dual rear wheel add-on setups on the forum last week and I found this picture from my collection of a 1957 FC-150 with the add-on duals.  Below is the text that accompanied this shot.


 Using a Ramsey winch, Model J-8 Bedmount kit as the basic unit George Diener, his brother Walt and their dad, Mr. Ed Diener are building some fine looking "Jeep" wreckers at their Willys dealership service garage in Toledo, Ohio.
Shown in the picture above is a custom built wrecker which they recently constructed on a FC-150 Pickup truck.  Dieners built their first wrecker using a "Jeep" Truck which they had taken in on trade to be used in their own service operation.  The classy unit attracted a great deal of attention and developed some excellent "Jeep" prospects.  Their first order came from a local service station operator who ordered his unit on a FC-150.  Both wreckers are equipped with 150 feet of 3/8" cable.

Diener Motors 4wd "Jeep" wrecker