Don Protheroe FC-150
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Hi all, I am beginning to grasp the reality that my late father's fc150 probably needs to be sold. We worked on this truck together and it is "finished" (its never finished, I know). It is a 1961 with "just for show" flatbed dump; we used hardwood with pickup bed metal strips between and low wooden sideboards. Has new brakes, new tires, extensive rust repair-not professional but pretty darn good if I do say so myself, new upholstery, new paint, Original 4 cyl engine and trans, all gears work, as does 4wd. New speedo., distributor, carb work. Runs as it should- slight puff of smoke from time to time. Needs some interior finishing touches like cardboard panels over the headlights, weather stripping, etc Has a Western plow frame installed and I have the plow, but never put back on after resto. I have pictures and can send ( can they be posted?) . Not sure of value, but I am selling for my mom so need to be at "market" value to get her a realistic price. Finding a good home is a piece of the puzzle. email if you have interest.

Thanks, Don

 P.S. I may be able to deliver within about 250 mi.

SOLD - 2011