Fairmont Railway Cars
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Dan Horenberger found this picture of a Fairmont Hy-Rail equipped FC-150 and kindly forwarded it to me.  Dan sometimes exceeds just pictures and this time he was lucky enough to score a complete Hy-Rail unit that was taken off a FC-150.  Dan has a couple of factory 4-peed FC-150's and has plans to adapt the Hy-Rail unit to one of them.  If anyone has any information on these seldom seen units please contact the FC Connection so we can document its history with the Forward Control Jeeps.  Below are two links that show different Fairmont Railway conversions.

Vern Wigfield Railroad Jeep Picture Archive Boston & Maine FC-150 Hy-Rail Truck


Dan Horenberger was kind enough to share this rare brochure of different Fairmont Rail Cars including the FC-150.  I'm hoping one day to include here Dan's FC-150 Hy-Rail once it's put together.