FC-150 Airport Service Truck
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A newly formed corporation, Spokane Flying Service at Felts Field, Spokane, Washington has just selected an FC-150 'Jeep' Truck for its service unit.  The vehicle was purchased from Kauffman Buick Company, 'Jeep' vehicle dealership there.  Factory approved special equipment on the vehicle includes Warn Hubs and an ST-84 Meyer Snow Plow.  Mr. Paul Sanderson, president of the flying service organization says that the 'Jeep' vehicle was chosen because of its four-wheel drive traction, its excellent maneuverability and its reputation for economical and dependable service.

In addition to general runabout transportation services, the FC-150 will be used for snow removal on the airport's landing and take-off strips.  Heavy snow in the area and frequent hazardous driving conditions which prevail during the winter months make four-wheel drive a necessity for safe and dependable transportation.  The extra cargo space provided by the cab-over-engine design in the Forward Control model was also an important consideration in the company's decision to purchase their new 'Jeep' truck.