FC-150 Fire Fighting Power Unit
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This sweet FC-150 was used as the power supply at fire scenes.  Read more about it below.


"Many inquiries and several excellent prospects have been received as a result of the recent sale of an FC-150 auxiliary fire fighting truck sold by Ken 'Jeep' Company, New Kensington, Pennsylvania.  The unit was purchased by nearby Oakmont #1 Fire Department.  The vehicle is equipped with a power take-off operated generator which provides electrical power for two huge mobile flood lights and a battery of smaller lights."
"Mr. Frank Talter, partner at Ken 'Jeep' Company, says that the unit has proven very effective in providing lighting at night fires especially where they are accompanied by local power failures.  The utility body provides space for special night fire fighting equipment.  In addition to the 'Jeep' vehicle's ability to furnish mobile power for the lighting equipment, Mr. Talter says that the officials of the fire department and the operators of the unit are highly pleased with its sure-footed traction under even the most hazardous driving.  Another important feature of the FC-150 fire truck is its short turning radius and excellent maneuverability.  The up front position of the driver permits him to pick his way through debris, hoses and other obstacles and to place the unit exactly where it is needed to light the fire fighting operation."

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