FC-150 Tourist Train
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Look like the go-anywhere FC-150 helped save the day once again.  Looks like they pull everything from Ocean-going ships to Tourist trains!  Here's the article telling how the little FC saved the day at the 1959 Mid-South State Fair.

‘Jeep’ vehicles made their presence known in more ways than one at the big 1959 Mid-South State Fair held recently in Memphis, Tennessee.  Total attendance was a record breaking 515,877.  Mr. Don Sharp, owner of Sharp Motor Company, Willys dealership in Memphis says that the entire show was a huge success with ‘Jeep’ vehicles getting top billing at the fair from the very first day.  The locomotive, which was to be used to pull the sightseeing train around the fair broke down; and an FC-150 from Sharp Motors had to be pressed into service.

Mr. Sharp reports that a ‘Jeep’ Station Wagon and a CJ-5 ‘Jeep’ Universal were sold during the nine-day fair and that 122 excellent prospects were obtained, many of whom are being closed on follow-up prospecting activity this fall.  The ‘Jeep’ Surrey attracted so much attention during the first day that it was necessary to remove it from inside the tent and place it on display in front so there would be room for the spectators to examine it.