FC-170 Covered Wagon
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Large Packing Company Builds FC-170 Traveling Display Unit

Used To Present Complete Product Line To Buyers

A prototype FC-170 food display and merchandising unit designed and built to specifications for the Southeastern area office, Armour and Company, is creating unprecedented interest in its tour of major cities in that section of the country.
The vehicle, built to resemble a covered wagon, carries an eight foot self-serve refrigerated meat case.  Steps provide easy access to the display so that prospective buyers can readily look over the entire line of Armour's sausage, hams, sliced lunch meats, bacon, smoked meats, and other products of the company.

Shows Full Line

Sales presentations can be made to chain store purchasers and to other large accounts right in the prospects parking lot.  The full line of products can be shown in attractive display arrangements.  There is no problem of carrying "dog-eared," wilted samples into a prospect's office and trying to spread them out on the buyer's desk while he is talking to a competitive salesman on the phone.
Mr. W. B. Johnson of the Southeastern Regional Office of Armour and Company, says that the 'Jeep' "Samp-O-Rama" has been in actual operation during the past several weeks in such cities as Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Birmingham, Montgomery, Columbia, Greenville, Raleigh, and Atlanta and that its effectiveness has far exceeded expectations.

Week-end Promotions

The vehicle is also adapted, according to Mr. Johnson, to weekend food sales promotions in which special sales can be conducted directly from the 'Jeep' covered wagon unit at the parking lot of a food market.  The attractive unit may be used for driving around town prior to such a sale for advertising purposes.
The Forward Control 'Jeep' FC-170 was selected as the vehicle most desirable for the Samp-O-Rama project because of its distinctly modern design and its extra large cargo area on a highly maneuverable, short wheelbase vehicle.
Although the freezing unit on the prototype now being used by the company requires AC electrical current from a conventional outlet, future models will operate their refrigeration system through 'Jeep' power take-off.