FC-170 Hauls Over 4500 Pounds
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Mr. Gordon Kohi of Gor-Ko Products Company, manufacturers of brass stampings, is a busy man keeping a check on his factory and handling much of the selling and delivery end of the business.  But recently he took time out to make a special trip in to the Cincinnati Zone office to express his appreciation for the excellent truck which he has in his new Forward Control 'Jeep' FC-170.  He said that he wanted to personally congratulate representatives of a company that makes such a fine vehicle.  Mr. Kohl purchased his new 'Jeep' Truck from Russell L. Reed and Son, veteran Willys dealer in Cincinnati.  The vehicle is equipped with Warn Hubs and a Mobile Bumper.  "It doesn't take many metal stampings and castings to overload an ordinary truck," says Mr. Kohl.  At this point he showed the picture published below.  "This is a picture of a truck that really carries a load," he said.  "I had 4,500 pounds of brass castings on this trip.  Made it from Cincinnati to Athens, Ohio cruising comfortably at 60 mph., and averaged fifteen miles to the gallon.  "Yes sir," he exclaimed, "four thousand, five hundred pounds, and I didn't even know it was there."  The FC-170 is Mr. Kohl's third 'Jeep'.  Little wonder that he is planning to build up his present delivery fleet with additional 'Jeep' units.