FC-170 Tractor Trailer from Foosland, Illinois
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It sure looks like someone didn't wait around for Willys to make the FC-170 DRW Tractor Trailer available to the public.  Here's the story on this conversion.

One of the most practical special applications of the big, rugged, heavy-duty Forward Control 'Jeep' FC-170 reported recently comes from McKinney Motors, Foosland, Illinois.  Mr. Earl McKinney, owner and operator of the 'Jeep' vehicle dealership, who designed and engineered the construction of the unit, says that it is constructed to haul up to six tons.  The trailer was originally built to transport a caterpillar tractor used in road construction and grading work.  Mr. McKinney says that almost immediately when the FC-170 drawn unit made its appearance prospective buyers began showing interest in it.  Best prospects, Mr. McKinney says, are road building and house construction contractors.  Landscaping companies have indicated that the FC-170 tractor trailer would be excellent for moving their heavy grading and landscaping machinery.  The first unit, however, was sold to a local farm implement dealer who uses it for delivery of new farm machinery that has come into the shop for repairs.