FC-170 Trave-L-Aire Camper
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Like all of the vehicles used in the handsome ‘Jeep’ display at the Chicago Auto Show, the popular Trav-L-Aire, FC-170 mounted camping unit was sold during the show and delivered immediately upon its conclusion.  Purchaser of the attractive and unusual house on wheels was Mr. Rudolph Gerstung, Mount Prospect, Illinois.  He and his entire family are overjoyed at the prospects of summer vacation trips in their new ‘Jeep’ camp trailer. They have a twenty-three foot boat which they can haul behind the FC-170 truck.

Dual Purpose

Mr. Gerstung is a painter and will use his new ‘Jeep’ truck in his painting business.  He had planned, until he saw the Trav-L-Aire trailer at the Auto Show, to purchase a truck for his painting business and a house trailer for vacations.  “This is a much better arrangement,” he says, “we saved a considerable amount of money and have a much more compact arrangement.”  He intends to install a front mounted winch for use in getting his boat in and out of the water.  Mr. Gerstung is a member of the Diversey Outboard Boat Club of Chicago. Nearly every week end during the summer, on holidays and often through the week, they take an over-night run to a nearby lake.

Seven Units Sold

Six other Trav-L-Aires were sold during the run of the Chicago Auto Show. Thousands of people saw the unit and hundreds expressed interest in the unique “cabin that goes anywhere.”  The Trav-L-Aire is designed especially for the ‘Jeep” FC-170. Aluminum and fibre glass exteriors provide durable, all-weather protection.  The cabin sleeps four, five with an air mattress. It features gas light illumination, gas cooking and refrigeration facilities, fifty square feet of storage space, and a sink with twelve gallons of water storage.  The four large bunk beds are covered with quality washable material. All windows open for ventilation and natural beauty.  The Trav-L-Aire has a built-in gas compartment with an outside service door.  Three high-lift jacks support the unit while the FC-170 is backed into place or driven out from under.