FC-170 Travel Camper
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Doctor John J. De Fries of New Paris, Indiana, and his wife, Elizabeth, get a big kick out of mushroom hunting and just plain site seeing in unusual and out of the way places.  Because they wanted a camping outfit more compact than a conventional house trailer, they decided to build their own.  Because they wanted one that would go practically anywhere they chose a 'Jeep' FC-170 Truck.  The combination of the two, the thought and planning which went into the construction of the housing unit and the rugged cross country travel ability of the FC-170, makes their  'Jeep' camp trailer just about the finest outfit you would want to look at.

Built almost entirely of war surplus materials, actual construction of the housing unit took about three weeks of concentrated "spare time."  The project was in the planning stage for a much longer period.  In reality it is the outgrowth of several years of house trailer travel.  "We wanted something compact and maneuverable," says Mrs. De Fries, an enthusiastic partner in the project from the start, and one who doesn't take a back seat for anybody when it comes to driving the 'Jeep' unit whether out on the highway or through the most rugged off-the-road situations.

In the travel position the roof of the all metal trailer section is exactly the same height as the truck cab and just as wide as the cargo bed.  "The back end," explains Dr. De Fries, "can go anywhere the front end goes."  An ingenious roof extension permits lifting the roof of the enclosure to provide full six-footer head room.  The operation takes only minutes and can be done from inside in inclement weather.  The 'Jeep' camp unit is complete with running water, refrigerator and extra large foam rubber bunk beds that convert to a built in sofa during the day.  There is ample closet and storage space, and an efficient heating system.  The unit is wired for 110 volt as well as for six volt electrical current.  Cooking and refrigeration facilities use bottled gas.  The camping enclosure can be easily lifted off the 'Jeep' truck bed permitting use of the vehicle for other activities.