Forward Control Jeep Truck Plays Important Role In Prosperous Christmas Tree Business
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“When you are in the Christmas tree business,” says Mr. G. A. Martin of Fairmont, West Virginia, “you have to count on doing some bad weather, winter driving, and you have to have a truck that you can count on regardless of travel and road conditions.”  For Mr. Martin his big new Forward Control ‘Jeep’ is proving to be the answer to these problems.  In addition it is giving him economy that he never expected in a truck with its cargo capacity.  Mr. Martin and his son operate one of the largest Christmas tree marketing businesses in the West Virginia area.  Last year they purchased a FC-170 Truck from Barrick Motors Company, Willys dealership in Fairmont.  They had a special steel body custom made by Banker Equipment Company in Clarksburg.

During the past season the new vehicle really underwent the tests, according to Mr. Martin, and provided beyond a doubt that the ‘Jeep’ Truck is just about the finest thing you could ask for when it comes to hauling big loads on mountain roads in bad weather.  On one of the longer trips to Philadelphia and back, Mr. Martin hauled about two tons of trees; and although the return trip was empty and part of it over the Turnpike, Mr. Martin was extremely pleased with the gasoline mileage which averaged well over seventeen miles per gallon both ways.

The handsome ‘Jeep’ Truck has a great deal of advertising value for Mr. Martin’s business, he explains.  Its clean lines attract attention wherever it goes and there is plenty of room for the company’s name on the door panel and on the side boards built up on the truck bed.  All in all Mr. Martin is one of Mr. Barrick’s most satisfied customers and one of his good sources of new ‘Jeep’ business too.  He makes no bones about telling people how well he likes ‘Jeeps’.