Getting a better top speed with an Overdrive
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Here's another question fielded by Jesse Ybarra that come up from time to time regarding higher top speeds in your FC truck.  The main emphasis of the piece is that it takes more than gearing to get you FC moving at today's highway speeds!

 About the overdrive, by Warn, they are out there, but be careful, a warn O.D. or Husky (IHC Scout), O.D. is almost 50 years old.  Most of them are wore out internally and they are selling for $750 - $1000.  But you can buy a brand new guaranteed unit, an improved Warn reproduction, for around $1100, it is sold by Advance Adapters, it has the new brand name of Saturn Overdrive, they are improved in the fact that all of the weakness of the previous Warn product have been improved. Old Willys puritans, think the warn was better and stronger, but it had cast steel case holes where the Saturn uses bronze bushings and better heat hardened gears. I do have a Warn O.D. with 23,000 miles on it, but it is not For Sale, it came with Cerlist / trans / transfer case, from my black truck, it worked fine in it, and they work fine in the FC-170, they have the 226" higher torque engine.
    Unfortunately I also have some experience with the Warn unit in the FC-150. It was OK in 153" CJ, that is lighter, and has a hood on it and in theory it should be good in an FC-150 of the same size, but in an FC the faster you go the more wind resistance, like dragging a parachute. So you really never get the expected 25% faster speed, at best on flat level concrete slab, 60 mph is possible, but because of the low amount of torque, it takes a while, to get to 60 or more mph, but you are also needing to shift between in OD and out of OD, while in traffic, because there is no torque while in OD, any wind or incline will slow the FC-150 down while in OD.  It works well on flat ground non stop for extended stretches of road like in Kansas. I do recommend the Saturn OD, a whole lot, to bring the RPM down whenever possible, but I don't recommend the OD for you if you are buying it to be able to keep up with Las Vegas traffic, because almost everything there is like here, it is stop and go or 0-75 mph.  The only real benefit is, that you can be shifting in 3 gears + low range = 6 gears + OD=12 forward gears and 3 reverse choices, to keep the rpm down whenever possible.
They sell small tachometers and I recommend the use of the tach.

Jesse Ybarra