High Wear Area Renewal
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The original intent of this restore was to try to keep as much of the original surfaces as they were and for the most part it has been a success. There were a few areas that were too far gone to polish out though. Mostly “High Use” areas like the ladder rack, a few compartment doors and most of the tread plate decking. These areas will be addressed in a fashion as to blend in with the original finishes while retaining the original character of the truck.


It’s tough on a “survivor” to make a call to repaint certain panels but these rear doors were pretty beat up and the paint was worn. The good news is that the upper deck area is still real nice so a touch up of these doors won’t look out of place.



Now we’re talking! There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to move the excitement level a few notches. It took the craftsman painter on this project about 10 mixes before he nailed the color match on this 57 year old truck and it is dead on!

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