Jesse Ybarra's Tour Jeep Journal
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   The Find 

The Chassis

The Bed & Bumpers

The Cab

This Tour Jeep cab was found as a result of picking up Jason Monday's Tour Jeep bed and frame near Buckeye, AZ.  Jason's tour jeep rear body metal had been donated to a church to be scraped for cash.  Fortunately the pastor put an ad on CRAIGSLIST thinking someone might want it.  The original cab for Jason's Tour Jeep had been smashed and partially removed years ago.

 While Jesse was refueling to go home, a lot of people stopped to look at the Tour Jeep on the trailer, one of them a local farm owner told him to go to the NAPA store.  He said another one like this was at his dad's at the other end of town.  After a day of research the owner of the other Jeep was found but it took a few more months, actually until he died before his son called to see if Jesse still wanted to buy it.  Well it was just the cab as the bed had been taken to build another Tour Jeep, a later model Gladiator. 

Jesse bought it and is transforming it into a capable workhorse/tow-behind his motor home vehicle and all around people toter.  Although the cab is basically being left in its stock configuration, Jesse has come up with some different ideas to bring this old workhorse into the 21st century.  Follow along and prepare to be surprised!