What can I do to fix my 3-speed shift lever?
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Underside of T-90 3-speed shifter with cross shift plate set in place. It's not exactly that easy though. The installation actually has the two pieces sandwiched between the floor of the Jeep to keep from hacking a big hole in the floor of your FC to install. Quite the hassle but well worth it in the end!

One of the age old problems with FC's with the 3-speed transmission is sloppy shifting.  These shifters had problems with them from the get-go and became worse after the rubber bushings started to wear in them.  By the time someone gets in one now they are usually in need of a total rebuild.  Most is an easy replacement of the rubber bushings inside them to get them back up to 1960's standards, which was still marginal.  The whole remote shift system was in need of something to give the vehicle a more exact shift.  Have you ever tried to shift your FC through the gears and found it seem to slip a bit and all of the sudden your Jeep is locked up and won't move no matter what you try?  Chances are your shifter slipped past on of the remote levers and you are now hopelessly stuck in two different gears.  Well, late in the FC production run the engineers finally came up with a sure fire cure for this problem.  I call it a cross shift plate and it is designed to bolt to the underside of your body where the shifter falls through and eliminates the dreaded linkage miss that many of our FC's suffer from.  Installation is a bit of a procedure as it is not the easiest place to access and the original fasteners must be removed from the underside of the body for proper fit, but once it's installed you'll never be stranded stuck in two gears again.  Brian Potter is now manufacturing these for the FC public and they are highly recommended.  Click on the link below for further details. 

3-Speed Cross Shift Plate Inquiries