What do I need to put a 4-speed in my FC?
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Will Regan has been on a quest for quite sometime to get all the parts to convert his FC-150 over to a T-98 4-speed transmission.  Along the way Will has taken many pictures of the various parts that he has collected and wondered if I would be interested in posting them so others could get an idea of just what it takes to complete such a conversion.  I'll go ahead and list these pictures in order from the complete assembly to the different remote control parts needed.  If anyone might want to add anything else to this breakdown please don't hesitate as this was posted to benefit everyone in the group.  Thanks Will for this information.  I'm sure it will draw much interest.


FC-170 4-speed/ transfer case assembly

Here is the complete assembly from the bellhousing to the transfer case. The bellhousing is stock for either the 150 or 170. The change starts at the adapter plate between the bell housing and the T-98 transmission. Another adapter plate is needed between the transmission and the transfer case. The front adapter is the same for the 150 and 170. The rear adapter is the same for both models up to serial #9309-24027 & #9325-11002 and then a different adapter is required for the FC-170 model with the "silent" transfer case. There is no mention of a later style plate for the FC-150 model. Although there is only one T-98 transmission, there are different parts to adapt them to the FC-150 and FC-170 models. The two models do not share the same main drive gear (input shaft) or main gear retainer but the shaft and retainer can be changed to fit either model.