What springs do you use to lift a wide-track FC-150?
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I was looking for a way to lift my wide-track FC-150 to clear 32x11.50- 15 BF Goodrich all-terrains and came up with this low cost idea to give an approximate 3 lift.  I took some measurements and found that the FC-170 front springs are the same length and when installed provided enough clearance for my new tires.  Since the spring pack bolt is not centered make sure the shorter distance between the spring eye and center bolt is to the front end of the vehicle.  On the rear I just used a 3 lift block and cut the spring pads loose from the axle and rotated the pinion up to point directly at the rear transfer case yoke.  A new rear driveshaft with a C/V joint is recommended as the driveshaft angle is greatly increased with the short wheelbase and lift combination.  Severe vibration can occur if a C/V joint is not used.  Another possible rear lift solution might be to flip the rear spring shackle.  I have not tried this but it could be easily tested before any major modifications were made.