Windshield Wiper Arm Parts
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New Items Reproductions

Inside clip for attaching the arms $3 each plus postage.

Knurled adapters for the wiper arms, $10 each plus postage.

Nuts, these are perfect reproductions for the Wiper shafts, $10 each plus postage.

Sprayers, for the windshield, these were on the newer FCs as an accessory, original equipment on M-Series, $20 each plus postage.

Washer, this is metal, serrated on both sides, it is a better fit than the OEM and it fits perfect under the nut. $5 each plus postage. (See third row next picture)

C-clip, this is the correct clip for the wiper shaft $5 each plus postage. (See 2nd row next picture)

Sorry no new rubber covers yet.

Send a check or money order, No Paypal.
Jesse Ybarra
1600 West Colter Street
Phoenix, AZ 85015