World's Best Equipped 'Jeep' FC-170 Truck
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Hutchinson, Kansas Farmer Claims Ownership Of World's Best Equipped 'Jeep' FC-170 Truck

  One of the unusual things about the big and highly successful ranching operation owned and directed by Mr. S. P. Archer of Hutchinson, Kansas, is that it is spread over two states, Kansas and Southern California.  Another is that Mr. Archer owns and operates what might well be called the world's best equipped 'Jeep' FC-170 Truck.  At least it is equipped to do just about any job that Mr. Archer needs done around the ranch, and until somebody else comes along with a picture and description of a more fully equipped vehicle, its claim to this title will probably go unchallenged.
The classy 'Jeep' farm truck was placed on display recently at the Kansas State Fair in connection with the exhibit sponsored by Mr. Bob Kirk, Kirk Motor Company, Willys dealership in Hutchinson.  It attracted all kinds of attention and kept Mr. Archer and Mr. Kirk occupied on a full time basis explaining how the vehicle and its special equipment work.  A list of optional equipment on the vehicle includes a Jayhawk Hoist and a farm type body, Meyer Electrolift Angle Dozer, front-mounted winch, hay loading elevator, power brakes, Warn Automatic Hubs, air compressor, air horns and West Coast type side view mirrors.
The Jayhawk Hoist and farm type body came in for a lot of use during the wheat harvest this summer, and during the off season Mr. Archer used it for hauling gravel and spreading it in the roadway back to his farm.  He uses the angle dozer and winch in clearing new land on both his Kansas and California farms.  The loading elevator is designed to be attached along side the 'Jeep' truck on the driver's side.  Mr. Archer then drives the attachment directly into the bales of hay where they are dropped around the field by the baler.  His son rides in the back and takes the bales off as they come up and stacks them in the big FC-170 cargo bed.  "Are there any contenders for the title of the world's best equipped 'Jeep' vehicle," Mr. Archer asks.