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I received some bad news on the FC show circuit for 2021. It appears that the "Most Excellent" FC Roundup in Arizona has been canceled for 2021. I was on the road this weekend but was able to talk with Jesse Ybarra for a short moment and he passed the information onto me. So sad that we all can't get together once more and reunite old friendships and see what everyone has been up to with their FC trucks. This Covid virus has cut into every facet of our lives. Can't wait till it's logged into the history books forever! Once I get more details I'll be sure to share them here and on The FC Connection. Until then stay safe and strong out there my friends. We will get through this...

UPDATE: 12/13/20

I've been working some long hours but I was able to get a quote from Andrea Ybarra that I thought I'd pass along.

"We will DEFINITELY host a FC Roundup REUNION once it's safe-rather miss a couple years & then have a big blow out!
STAY TUNED & safe holidays to all wherever you are."