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OK, picture this.  It’s the fall of 1972, your living large in Southern California.  You just sold your camper and you’re looking to move up to a Motorhome.  All your buddies have Westphalia VW campers, but you’re looking for something with 4wd and a little more power to get you and your flat fender Jeep out to Baja in comfort.  At the same time you’ve got a buddy in San Diego with a cab over Jeep that he’s building up for a recreational hauler.  Well of course, you end up with this!  Blair Hilborn made this baby basically from scratch and it has performed quite well including trips to Pismo Beach and Baja California.  It runs a 300 cubic inch “Buick Special” engine backed with a Turbo 350 and a 1965 Wagoneer Transfer Case.  A full four page article on its buildup is posted in the FC Magazine Articles Section.

4x4 Mini-Motorhome Article