Fifth Annual
Jeep Forward Control Only Round-up
March 28 29 30, 2008

This is your 2008 personal invitation to another Most Excellent FC-Only event in Phoenix, Arizona. We invite All Jeep Forward Control Owners and friends to come see several FC Jeeps and meet with other FC-Owners. We invite you, with or without your Jeep Forward Control Vehicle in any stage of completion or condition. Bring your FC items, toys, memorabilia, photos, artwork, literature, manuals to display.
New FC
related products and special tools will also be shown. There is no charge for the event. We do welcome and are always very grateful for any FC related items donated for the free raffle. 5th Annual T-shirts and other event items will be available. Hot dogs and refreshments will be served. Additionally we invite the unique flat nose Jeep FJ3 Fleet Vans and Owners to visit with us and enjoy in the fun..
1600 West Colter Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85015

Jesse Ybarra (602) 277-1911