Ben McCutcheon FC-170
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58 FC 170, Stock cab, axles (44/53) and springs. Frame boxed up to the rear arch, otherwise stock. New windshield, gasket and side glass, wing vents and rear are original and yellowing, and drivers side window is cracked. (Too much door slamming). Toyota 20R engine, 4 spd and transfer case, decent power and twice the mpg of original. Custom bed, treated lumber floor, 16 gauge steel, fenders were the only surviving original parts. All new twin circuit brakes, shoes, cylinders, lines and hoses. All new 12V electric with circuit breakers. New stuffing and canvas on original seat frames. 175 hours running time since I ‘finished’.
Interior needs finishing, no headliner, front cardboard, or rear panels. Bottom rear of doors starting to bubble a little, I re-skinned both doors but didn’t get something right in there. Pops out of reverse without hand pressure on lever. No parking brake.
Sorry about the mess, it is still on duty and will be until sold. Welder not included. Choice of 15’s with good tires or original 16’s with drag slicks. Original 6 motor, 3 spd and transfer case included, plus whatever else I have lying around for it.


SOLD - May 2012