Cab Differences: Early Verses Late Style
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During the Forward Control Model run there was a change made to the cab design to improve cooling to the engine.  This change was made to both the FC-150 and FC-170 models.  Serial numbers have been given as a reference point, but I've always considered myself more of a visual kind of guy have decided to include pictures that point out the differences in the styles of cabs.  VIN numbers will also be included for your reference.


Grill Differences

According to the Service Manual, the FC-150 vehicles received the new improved cooling tunnel beginning in the 1959 model year.  The VIN number that corresponds with the new cooling tunnel begins with #65548-19917.  There are two quick checks that you can make to see if the FC your looking at is the early or late style.  First off is the grills.  When looking at the early style, you will notice the the fresh air intake for the heater sits vertically behind the grill and there is no opening at the bottom to the radiator.  The late styles fresh air intake is kicked in at the bottom and there is an opening directly under it to provide more air to the radiator.

Interior Differences

Once you get inside the cab, the differences become more apparent.  On the early style there is a step down in the tunnel between the front seats to accommodate the heater.  On the late style they were able to angle the heater a bit  and eliminate the step down in the tunnel for improved cooling to the radiator.  One other note, the transfer case lever was moved from the side of the cooling tunnel  to the top when the late style cab was introduced.


 Grill   Early Style

   Grill   Late Style

Cooling Tunnel Early Style

Cooling  Tunnel  Late Style


Grill Differences

The FC-170's received their improved cooling tunnel also in 1959 beginning with serial number #61568-14994. 

Interior Differences

As with the FC-150, the FC-170's cab also had the step down in the early style, while the late style eliminated the step down and repositioned the heater.  Also at that time they replaced the 4-blade fan with a 6-blade fan for increased air flow.  Transfer Case levers were also moved as with the FC-150 Models.

  Grill  Early Style

   Grill   Late style

Cooling Tunnel Early Style

Cooling Tunnel Late Style