Dan DeVries FC-170 DRW
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Painted cab set on frame.

Man, has this been a long time coming but like a fine wine it sure was worth the wait!  Dan's DRW is finally coming together and looks great!  Dan's DRW made it's original appearance way back on Page 12 of the gallery and you can see it from the link below.  I believe a backhoe on the back of it are in his future plans but for now I believe that a flat bed will serve duties for the time being.  Very nice addition to your "Finished Fleet" Dan!!!

Page 12 appearance


Here's Dan performing on the hill climbs at the 2013 4th annual "All Breeds Jeeps Show" in Nevada, Iowa.  Dan said the rear wheels caught a little air on the back side of that mound, sure looks awesome.  The promoters of the event would sure like to see some more vintage Jeeps at future events.  They have a Facebook Page if anyone has an interest in learning more about the event.

Iowa "All Breeds Jeep Show" Facebook Page