Dave Forde FC-150
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Dave has owned his FC-150 for about 24 years.  He drove it for 4 or 5 years, rolled it in August of 1991, and started to rebuild it right after. Dave worked on it right up to 1996  but other interests came up and he hasn't  touched it since. The FC Gallery and the Forward Forum (which he only discovered about 8 months ago) has opened up a whole new FC world and basically is trying to tell him to get off his butt and get back to work on it. Some of the things Dave has done; tilt cab and box, 350 Chevy/Turbo 350/Dana 18 and Warn OD, power steering, power brakes with Chevy disc on the front and drum on rear, a Mercruiser electric over hydraulic pump to work the cab and box tilt (individual controls), and numerous other changes. The pickup bed was completely totaled in the rollover so Dave had to fabricate a new one. It is exactly the same as stock except he did it in checker plate and built some wider fenders to cover the bigger tires. These pictures are of the last time he worked on it in 1996 and it does not really look as good today.  When they sit for a long time they seem to deteriorate, but Dave doesn't think it will take much to get it back. Dave just lives outside of Vancouver, B.C. (Port Coquitlam) and it's not too far from the northwest round up in Olympia, Wash. in August.  Hopefully Dave will be in attendance.