Dealership Newletter Pieces
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All these pictures came from monthly publications produced by the Willys Motors Corporation that were sent to Factory dealerships. In them, products and events that were held by various dealerships were showcased.  Also many upcoming sales promotions and incentives were conveyed to get the word out on new vehicles and factory approved equipment that was available to the general public.

FC-150 Best For Hauling Trailers

FC-170 Tractor Trailer from Foosland, Illinois

Two New FC-170 Fire Trucks

Turnpike FC-150's

FC-150 Introduction Photo

FC docks boat in Texas

FC Neon Sign

FC-150 replaces "Johnny Cars"

Civil Aeronautics FC-170 Fleet

Nebraska Dealer Rodeo Parade

JEEP' Midnight Drive Away Program

FC-170's Erect Microwave Towers

Demonstrating Ottawa Backhoe

FC-170 Movie Camera Truck

FC-170 DRW Trailer Hauler

Athens Alabama FC-170 Light Truck

FC's Headed to Wyoming

FC-170 Hauls Over 4500 Pounds

FC-150 Averages 22 MPG

LOF Glass Company FC-170 Fire Truck

1958 Chicago Auto Show

FC-170 X-Ray Truck

FC-170 Covered Wagon

Jarvis 'Jeep' CO. Portland, Oregon

Minneapolis Jeep Display

Pilot Meyer Snow Plow

Lyons Volunteer Fire Co. FC-170

FC-170 DRW "WALD" Paint Striper

New FC'S for CA Company

World's Best Equipped 'Jeep' FC-170 Truck

Klickitat Co., Oregon FC-170 Fire Truck Units

FC Sleigh

FC-170 Travel Camper

Rogger's Meat Packing FC-170 DRW

FC Billboard

FC-150 Airport Service Truck

FC-150 Tourist Train

Elephant in FC-170

Louisburg Garage FC-170 Wrecker

"Bay Jeep" Parade

Diener Motors "Jeep" Wreckers

Stegmaier Brewing Co. FC-170 Service Truck

West Virginia State Fair

FC's at 1959 Chicago Show

FC-150 Fire Fighting Power Unit

FC-170 Helps Archaeologists

Ohio State Highway Patrol FC-170 Fleet


Big Texas Ranch Requires FC-170 DRW

FC-150 at Michigan Boys' Camp

FC Wrecker's at JFK's 1961 Inaugural Parade

FC-170's Purchased for Toll Bridge Work

FC-170 Trav-L-Aire Camper

FC-150 takes to Snow Removal

AT&T FC-170 Service Truck

Oaklyn, New Jersey FC-170 Fire Truck

Price Auction Service

Martin's Xmas Trees

Lift Boom FC-170