Ed Browning FC-170
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This is a classic example of what we deal with out here in the "Rustbelt."  It has some sentimental value to Ed so he is going to give it a go.  Here's the email I received from Ed.

"This truck is a 1962, one of dad's mechanics bought it when the hardware store traded it in back in 1975, they bought it new, that makes me third owner. Carl parked it back in 1980 when the rear main seal started leaking and he couldnít find the right carb for it. It has some kind of carb off a dodge on it, he said it would run but did not run right. The truck as 72,000 original miles with a motor over haul at 69,740 miles. Iím going to put the red painted cab on it that I got a few years back when I bought 4 trucks from one man. The wiring in the cab looks like new, the bottom part of the seats have been used by a rodent of some kind for a nest, backs look new on both sides. The drivers door is rusted out Ė complete trash Iím thinking, worst part of the cab is the floor area around the passengers side front body mount??? not sure about that at this point. Going to need a lot of time and plenty of bearings. Going to use original type/size motor out of a wagon , try to keep it stock, I have an over drive for it also. It has a warn electric looking switch mounted on the steering column not sure what that was for, pto is my guess? keep you posted on its progress, yes this one has clear title. Can't wait to drive it again. If I put on a flat bed it would make a good truck to haul the side by side to the trail head for trail riding. Going to drain the oil pan then take out spark plugs and fill the entire motor with half transmission fluid and half motor oil and let it sit, might over haul it later so I will have original motor in it."