Forward Control History & General Information
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This page has been created to fill a void left in the Forward Control community when two major sites disappeared from the Internet.  Danny Hartling's Forward Control 'Jeep' site and David Berg's have been gone for at least a couple of years now and the decision was made to try to get something up to fill the large holes left by their departure.  I was able to get in contact with David and he sent me a copy of his site and you'll see M-678 shine on again on the pages of The FC Connection.  It's been quite a while since I've talked with Danny but I know he had intentions of his site living on one way or another.  Hopefully one day this will happen.  Please have patience with me on this as my web building skills are somewhat limited but over time I believe this will benefit all FC owners.  Suggestions and other ideas are always welcome and I know more history will be uncovered as time goes on.

Civilian Models

(Coming Soon)

Military Models