Gary Peterford FC-150
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Here's what Gary started with. Looks solid but.....

Gary lives down in Florida and has taken on a FC-150 for a restoration project.  The usual rust was an issue but that has not deterred Gary.   It is now at the body shop and is receiving a much needed strip down and rust repair.  Gary hopes to be tooling around in his new toy by this summer.  Keep in touch and you can follow along with Gary's progress right here!



Gary's truck has come out of the paint shop with flying colors!  Now the slow task of reassembly begins.  Everything looks great Gary!



Gary seems to be moving on his FC with the speed of light!  Awesome job Gary!  He getting the list of "To Do" items down and it looks like it's time to start enjoying his great little FC-150.  Thanks for sharing your adventure with us Gary.



Gary has been enjoying his truck in its finished state for about a year now and decided to see how the old gal would do in a local car show.  Well, in Rockledge, FL. Gary went to a car show and took a prize of the top 20 peoples choice from over 150 vehicles that day.  Awesome job Gary!  Glad to see all that hard work is paying off with some well deserved dividends!