Greg Pfeiffer FC-170
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Looks like Greg here is kind of local to me and picked up one solid rig here.  He included a great story with his pictures so I'll let him tell you all about it.  Welcome to the group Greg!

"Hello friend, my name is Greg and I'm an FC owner.
Sounds like I'm joining a self help group. Well if you think about it I am. I have gotten so much help just from putting your FC page in my favorites list. All the owners with pictures and ideas to the links to parts. Thank you.
Now about me. I am a Schwan's driver and saw this amazing truck the first part of 2011. It was owned by the father-in-law of a customer. I mentioned if he ever wanted to sell to let me know. January of 2012 I was told it was for sale. Two months and a lot of haggling I told my
wife I bought a truck. We had been looking and she was ok with it. Then I told her what it was and we went to see it. Then she wasn't too sure. She was thinking we could at least get a truck that ran. This one hadn't ran since 96. Short story long is that its in my garage in a few pieces as I work my way to getting it back on the road. Some where in its life it got a ford 289 with a 5 speed. The last owner had a wreck and wanted an automatic put in. He had a buddy with a shop and told him "in your spare time" The buddy passed away before the job was done. The truck got towed to the owner and dropped. There it sat.
Thanks again for the site. It has been a great help and motivator."

Greg Pfeiffer