"How I Remember Dan Corey"
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I met Dan Corey, with Flo by his side, at my first Roundup three and a half years ago. My eyes captured this vibrant couple in a brisk walk, hand in hand as though they were newlyweds. They had obviously just arrived at the 6th annual Roundup in March of 2009 and they seemed to be heading to meet the hosts. I thought, "There goes a pair of enthusiastic FC lovers."

Dan was so full of youthful energy in the way he dressed, and the way he carried himself, that I thought he was ten years younger than he was. I could tell that Dan loved life by the way he kept his appearance youthful.

Talking to Dan was like talking to any other passionate Forward Control Jeep Truck enthusiast. He was proud of what he owned and was always talking about what he has at home, and what he was going to do to improve it. I was impressed that Flo seemed as interested in the FC's as Dan was. "What great couple!"

At the next roundup I met Dan again; he showed up with a beautiful FC-170 DRW he recently bought on E-bay. He liked to tell about the truck's previous owners, and the story of how he got it. He was proud of how he made improvement to the stake bed to make the sides stronger and to freshen up the paint. Many people liked the display of large flags on his truck. He really liked to point out that feature, even though you couldn't miss the patriotic gesture. He liked to take his truck to parades near his home the Southeastern California Desert. Since I like the usefulness of DRW's, I couldn't help but love Dan's beautiful blue truck, too.

After he fell ill early in 2011, he told me that he didn't like missing any FC Roundups. He felt bad having to miss the 8th Annual Roundup, but he knew he couldn't miss his appointments at the hospital in Los Angeles that weekend. He enjoyed looking at all the vehicles at the Roundup and to see what others have done to their trucks.

One day I noticed a local FC-150 pickup bed for sale. I did not need one, so I announced it to other FC owners on the internet. There were about three people interested enough to ask me to check it out for them. The next thing I knew, Dan E-mailed me and told me he bought it sight-unseen. "He must have needed it that badly", I thought. We talked on the phone and planned for him and Flo to stay with me when they came to pick it up. He planned the trip several times, but there was always some urgency that postponed his trip. One issue was when he was seriously hurt his back after falling while repairing his motor home.

We kept in contact weekly, then he finally accepted my offer to go get the pickup bed and I would keep it for him until he could come pay a visit. When I brought it home, it was the nicest unrestored bed I had ever seen. He was excited about buying such a nice addition to his FC-150 project. One day he realized that he would not have time retrieve his prize in person, so he offered to pay me a little gas money to deliver it before the Phoenix Roundup.

It was a very sad day for me when he called and told me of his new illness, pancreatic cancer, and that in reality, he would not be able finish his FC-150, or any of his projects. I told him I would buy the bed from him, and offered to help in any way I could. The only power I had to help him was to take photos of his trucks and try to help him advertise them for sale. On the way to the Roundup 2011, I stopped to pay a short visit to see his wonderful vehicles and his bus and truck projects in the works. He told me the story of all of them, and I took many photos to share. I stayed a little longer than he was feeling up to, but I'm glad I did because it was the last time I was able to share his company. He didn't seem sick. He had still had the same old passions with each story. What impressed me the most was that his only concern was that Flo was taken care of and not burdened with his projects.

I learned a lot about Dan by talking with him on the phone for extended periods. I enjoyed getting to know him and his interests. It was delightful to see him in person because he lived a long 700 miles away. Dan was a great guy that had many passions. Hitting the road traveling with Flo, in one of his vehicles was one of the most enjoyable times in his retired life. He also felt fortunate to live in the warm California Desert rather in the East where he grew up.

You never thought about just Dan. It was always Dan and Flo. I could really see their devotion to each other when I visited their home. Each one cared about the other more than themselves.

Dan Corey has left a strong impression on me. I truly enjoyed the small part of my life that I spent with him. He was a true Willys Jeep Forward Control buddy. Dan is in peace at a better place, no longer in pain. My sympathy and prayers are for Flo, the love of his life. I pray that Flo will always remember the good times with Dan, and not dwell on the piece that is missing.

Steve Elkins
Redding, CA