Jesse Ybarra 1964 M-677
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(Photo courtesy of Scott Lehman)

Here's the latest version of Jesse Ybarra's 1964 M-677 truck.  He runs a 44HD front axle and a Model 70 in the rear.  A 383 Chevy V8 backed up with a Turbo 350 and a 205 Transfer Case gets her rolling.  Jesse is kind of old school with this truck.  With all the talk of power brakes and steering, he prefers to go manual.  The reasoning is that if for some reason he loses engine power, the steering and brakes are unaffected.  We went for a ride out on the expressway with his truck and it ran and handled great.  Even with manual steering, the feel is so light that he is able to maneuver it with one hand!  The brakes work great too.  He runs a 1 5/8 inch master cylinder, made for a 66-69 GMC COE 6500.  Jesse also added air bag rear mounts to the cab which greatly improves long distance drivability.  Jesse has ran through many different setups through his years of building FC trucks and he is really satisfied on how his truck functions.  I, of course, was totally in awe of his knowledge and experience and try to absorb as much I can.  I always come away with more confidence in my own abilities though his expertise. 

Check out the links below to follow all the updates that Jesse has made to his awesome truck!




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