Jesse Ybarra FC-170 Postal Truck
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Here's another truck that has been saved by "Ybarra's FC Rescue" non-profit group.  This truck had been in kit form for many years and the owner had some medical issues that kept him from finishing it.  After Jesse put all the pieces together and got it back home he came to realize that it was one of the old Postal FC's out there with the Stratton lift gate.  Jesse's not sure what will become of the truck but rest assured it will find a new home for a FC owner or two out there.  Here's some comments from Jesse.

"I bought this 1959 truck from Dave M. a friend that had it in his back yard, it was completely disassembled, well it is home, still needs work, but what a nice body.  I did feel it must have had some history with the Stratton lift gate on it. Under the white paint is the US Postal blue with the red stripe and white roof.  Notice the rear axle was replaced with a rebuilt rare 5 lug Dana 60."

FC Postal Truck from the Toledo Blade