Jim McIsaac's 66th birthday
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Anyone who has attended a Phoenix FC Roundup surely know our official greeters Jim & Tillie from the wilds of Montana.  Well Tillie sent me some pictures from Jim's birthday party and I thought this would be the perfect place to show them off!  Looks like a great event and many happy friend's for sure!  Happy belated birthday Jim, and here's to many more!

"Just thought I'd share. For Jim McIsaac's 66th birthday, I threw him a Route 66 birthday party at Montana's largest auto museum. It was the first private party
they have allowed in the museum. It was a blast and very well attended; what a perfect venue for car buffs. However, even with 5 bays of cars, there were no FC's.  His party wouldn't be complete without them. FC Enthusiast, Jack Thompson, of Deer Lodge Montana came our rescue and brought his 3 FC's to the party. It could be the first ever Montana FC Roundup. Photos attached of the 3 FC's, Jack Thompson and Jim McIsaac of Dillon, MT. Jim is in the lighter colored clothes.
Also pictured is a shot of Jim holding his T-Shirt from the Phoenix FC Roundup. It was Jesse and Andrea's birthday gift to him. He loves it and look forward to
wearing it in Phoenix next year."