Marvin Lehman
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Marvin Lehman and his FC-150 (Circa 1960)

As another FC Roundup is getting closer I’m sure all are eagerly waiting to see old friends and new trucks but it is also a time to reflect back on a member of our group that was lost last year.  Marvin Lehman, a longtime FC owner and Roundup attendee passed away at the age of 93 in June of 2009.    

I’ve mentioned before that there are some people out there that have been messing around with FC’s way back when I was still watching Romper Room on TV.  Marvin Lehman was one of those FC Pioneers.  He purchased his FC-150 to use building his cabin in Sedona Arizona back in the 60’s.  His FC was fitted with a dealer installed, custom camper top, that he and his wife Florence, (Nicknamed Bunnie) used to explore the desert southwest.  Marvin’s FC was personalized with many period items that made his vehicle a more capable off–road companion and workhorse.  Some accessories included a CB, an outside mounted PA to alert cattle and game animals, an AM radio, and a large, rear frame mounted crane, that was used to lift rocks and boulders into the truck’s bed.  Marvin’s first meeting with Jesse Ybarra was a result of a garage in Sedona that needed parts for Marvin’s FC, wheel bearings and seals were also needed since they were doing a brake job on Marvin's truck. 

As the years passed Marvin decided that his trusty old FC needed to find a new steward to carry on his truck’s heritage.  Marvin had become good friends with Jesse and knew of Jesse’s love for these funky vehicles.  He called to offer the truck to Jesse and his wife Andrea.  Andrea got the call and went to the bank because she wanted it for herself.  Jesse sent me some pictures of Andrea’s new FC and told me a little about the original owner.  I was really impressed by the condition and originality of Marvin’s vehicle and couldn’t wait to see it at the upcoming 2007 FC Roundup.  Jesse also told me that Marvin would be in attendance at the event and I would get a chance to meet him.  

Not only did Marvin make it to the Roundup, his grandson Scott and his great-grandson Danny also attended.  Marvin’s other grandson John, who was deployed in Iraq at the time and couldn’t make the event.  We talked FC’s a bit and I admired Marvin’s old truck.  His FC was like a time capsule from the 1960’s dropped into the 2007 Roundup.  Marvin had become a perennial at the FC Roundups and made it to the 2008 and 2009 events.  Even though Marvin was getting older and couldn’t get around as well as he once could, I could tell that he still had the “FC Bug” and really looked forward to coming to the Roundups.  Jesse recalled a comment once told to him by Scott about his grandfather Marvin.  Scott had said, “Ever since the 2007 Roundup, Marvin has always wore that FC Roundup Hat!”   

2009 was a very heartbreaking year for the Lehman family.  Marvin’s wife Bunnie passed away several days before the event, Marvin still attended with the urging of his grandson. Marvin made one final trip to his beloved home in Sedona and passed away in June of 2009. Marvin had a total of 4 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren (all boys!) and one great great grandson.  I was really saddened to hear the news from Jesse and conveyed my condolences to the family.  Marvin’s grandson Scott and great-grandson Danny have been to all the events with Marvin and Scott is quite the accomplished photographer.  Most of the pictures shown here were taken by him.  Jesse has been in contact with the family and has told them that they have a standing invitation to all future FC Roundups and we hope to see them in attendance.  Scott has accepted becoming a volunteer; he will become the FC Roundup official photographer.  

As time marches on many of our “Greatest Generation” pass on and this time a little FC history was also lost.  Fortunately some of us had the chance to meet Bunnie and Marvin and came away better for the experience.  Bunnie and Marvin will be missed but I know their presence will be felt at many Roundup’s to come.