Military Forward Control Jeeps
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Most all of the information below was the brainchild of David Berg, former M-678 owner and creator of  As with many awesome web sites, they are there one day and gone the next.  When Davidís site disappeared off the web I contacted him and asked if there was anything that I could do to help out.  He explained that he didnít have the time needed to properly keep up with the site and he decided to let it expire.  Many of us felt that the valuable information that he had compiled needed to be saved and I asked if his web site could live on through the FC Connection.  David graciously agreed and sent me a copy of for reference.  Hopefully this can be built upon and help out those interested in restoring and documenting the history of this little known Military survivor.   

History and General Information on Military Forward Control Jeeps and the Cerlist Diesel Engine

History & General Information

Cerlist Diesel Page

Military Registry