Monte Jumper FC-170
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Monte is from Central Oklahoma and is looking for his old truck.  Sounds like he had it setup pretty nice.  If anyone has seen the "Lemon Twist" please contact Monte at the link below.  Here's a quote from him on his wild ride.

"I've only recently found your excellent site...This is my ride in 1971 and I would like you to include it in your "Gallery" mostly in hope that the "now" owner (if it's still around ) might find it.  Forgive the quality of the picture it is a picture of a picture.
In 1970 I got tired of hogging around in the underpowered flat head 6 continental and dropped a 327 Chevy v8 in it's place...did you know that a Chevy 265 283 or 327 with the proper adaptor plate will go into place and with the use of a Corvette motor mount  of that era and the engine will bolt up to the original motor mounts (just add 1 1/2" spacers) I like to fell over it was the easiest transplant I've ever been involved with ...behind the transfer case I added a Studebaker overdrive (bolts right up (with a shortened shaft. trust me this baby would fly!  The first time I dropped the hammer on this baby (in four wheel drive on dirt) I twisted both drive shafts off...(had to beef em up to handle the v8) after that she became a climbing fool."

Contact Monte Jumper