Paul Tompkins FC-150
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This is how I love to start a FC project.  Get that body off and go over everything from the bare frame up.  Look like Paul's trailer fills the FC-150 bill pretty well!  Here's the note that Paul sent me on his FC-150 endeavor.  Keep in touch with us on your FC Paul and I can make updates so we can follow along!

"Hi I am new to the FCs but I have been into jeeps for awhile here are some pics of the project that I just started. I am going to repower it with an AMC 360V8 and a Wrangler drive train. I live in upstate NY and these things are hard to find around here. Most are real rusty this one is pretty bad but beyond help.
I love this site it is a very good source thank you for putting in the effort."

Paul Tompkins
Stillwater, NY



"Just wanted to send an updated photo of my FC its coming along slow but it is getting there. AMC 360 v8 torque flight auto trans jeep wrangler axles and transfer case , CJ7 2 lift kit. Wrangler steering box , custom made bell crank, the list goes on. It does start and drive but only in and out of the garage for now."