Surge Tank Options
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Gene Helper has made reproduction Surge Tanks that are bolt in replacements for the Forward Control vehicles.  They can be found on the "For Sale" page and on the link below.

Gene Helper Radiator Surge Tanks


Charles Butler on the Yahoo FC page on 10/20/04 in regard to replacement surge tanks for Forward Control Jeep.  Although they are non-stock, they are reported to be an available option for owners that are not requiring a stock tank.

Also remember that FC's are not the only vehicles with surge tanks.
If you are not a stickler for OE parts, DeWitts makes this killer
aluminum surge tank -
Link to DeWitts

Looks great.

Richardson Racing Products also makes a host of neat cooling system
gizmos -
Link to Richardson Racing Products
Surge tanks, fittings, valves and more.