The Lafian Power Hoe
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The Lafian Power Hoe Story
by James Carr & John O. M. Lafian
(Published by the AACA)

While we can all agree that the Forward Control Jeep was way ahead of the curve and Brooks Stevens had great foresight when it came to revolutionary design concepts, but I'm not sure even he could see this one coming!  The Lafian Power Hoe was the brainstorm of John Lafian right at the same time as the introduction of the FC Jeeps.  Lost in obscurity for over 45 years it has now been brought back to life with its mission to complete an almost lost dream.

The Antique Automobile Club of America just published an article covering the history of this one of a kind vehicle and its editor has graciously given The FC Connection permission to run the article on this site.  With 40,000 members strong the AACA is one of the most recognized Car clubs in the country if not the world.  Please give their site a look and a major thanks to West Peterson for allowing this to be shared with our group.
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Visit the Antique Automobile Club of America

The Original find on eBay

J. Lafian "Power Hoe" Patent

2012 Sightings

2013 Lafian "Power Hoe" UPDATE

Since I last wrote of the reappearance of the Lafian Power Hoe much in the way of changes or shall I say a reconnection with its history has transpired. With the ongoing metamorphous the vehicle has been going through I figured it deserved a space in the "Featured Vehicles" category.  Indeed, John Lafian's idea is finally reaching its long sought after objective.  Follow along and check out all the details of this truly unique piece of FC history!

Benchmark Observations


Body & Prepping Details


A New Color


Sub Assembly & Pedestal Deck Restoration

 Photo shoot & Perspective


New Hydraulics


New Filter Dilemma


New Windshield


 A Few Other Details


Factory Manuals


Back Out on the Prowl


STAY TUNED......  Much more to come!