Valentin Eggbauer FC-150 Fire Dept. Truck
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Over the Thanksgiving weekend I received these awesome pictures of an unusual FC-150 that Valentin Eggbauer had brought over in Austria.  I had seen a picture of this truck published years ago.  Valentin noted that it is a Jeep FC 150 used by volunteer firemen in Fischbach (Styria / Austria).  It was constructed by "Peter Reitbauer - body and wagon, punched in Kindberg"  It apparently was lost for sometime over it's 50 year history and then in recent years found by Valentin.  After a long period of trying to buy the vehicle Valentin was able to purchase the vehicle from the Steindl family who had kept the vehicle in their possession.  As you can imagine Valentin was very excited to have the opportunity to own this rare piece of "FF precious village" history and picked up the vehicle on November 29, 2012.  Valentin was even able to take his FC Jeep back to the original creators home, former Chief Peter Reitbauer to see some 50 years after his creation was made.  You can see many historical pictures of Valentin's FC on the blog that was created for his truck and future plans on its restoration.  Another very cool piece of FC history saved for future generations to see.  Many thanks Valentin for sharing this with the Forward Control public and please keep in touch on your project!
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