Will a 12 volt wiper motor fit in my M-series FC?
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A stock M-Series 24 volt electric wiper motor

I get questions all the time about the 12 volt wiper motors that are on the "For Sale" page on this site and Dan Horenberger was kind enough to take some pictures that compare the 24 volt military unit up against the 12 volt unit that I sell.  As  you can see the 12 volt unit is much smaller but still retains the same mounting configuration.  Like with anything mounted under the dash of a FC it is always much easier to loosen or remove the dash for proper installation.  A half a dozen screws and a support to the heater box and you can safely lift the dash out of the way enough to access the stock wiper motor.  The only concern that should be addressed is that the wiper motor switch comes close to the master cylinder on some applications and especially if you have the delay feature care must be taken to have the system fit properly.  Sometimes relocation on the switch might be necessary.  Other than that its an easy project that will ensure that your wipers will clear your vision regardless of your current engine vacuum situation.  The link below will give you more information on the 12 volt system that is available for your Forward Control Jeep.

12 volt Wiper Motors for FC Trucks

Here are some very useful comments from Jesse Ybarra of the operation and installation of a 12 volt wiper motor on his M-677 but is applicable on all models of Forward Control Jeeps.

"It has worked great forever, in the Black M677 with the normal provided switch and in the M-679 with the larger multi speed wiper switch, I did notice that on the M-679 the larger wiper switch did not fit as easy under the dash, with it near the large harness end of the blackout switch.
The biggest problem I have seen with all of the FC reinstallation of the wiper systems, is that with vacuum powered wipers, you don't expect much so when after the truck is restored, they don't work well. When it happens on the electric wipers, it is not the wiper motor, look at the angle of the wiper shaft coming out of the cab, it would appear that the shaft should come out straight, the shafts need to be angled to the outside so that the inside linkages work correctly, so that the wiper blade sticks to the glass when it does the outer edges of the glass. Also make sure you have nothing in the way of the linkage arms."